Descendants is the title of my ongoing series of artworks about Mayfield, Dalkeith, where I grew up. I am interested in the relationship between geology, genealogy and memory within a specific geographical location.

Mapping my family relationships and connections, memories and shared experiences, the love of and the belonging to place. A very specific place, ma bit.

This way of thinking about geographical locations, chronological timelines and memory, shapes and informs my installations, sculpture, painting, printmaking and poetry.

My ongoing research includes my family's genealogical records, finding out information about their occupations, where they lived, and what their homes and living conditions were like, and I am also researching the Statistical Accounts for Newbattle Parish.

I am researching the geology of the county and the formation of the land, particularly the carboniferous period, the plants which became the coal my family have mined for generations, and these plant forms I incorporate into my printmaking and sculpture.

I have a love of maps, old county maps of Edinburghshire and coalfield mapping of the twentieth century and older, and I utilise this language of map making within my installation, sculpture and painting.

My installations below, map the locations within Midlothian where my Great Grandfather lived and worked, alongside a memory map of where I have lived and my special places in Midlothian.

I pinned a timeline through his life and mine, from past to most recent geographically, and linked the places with thread in chronological order, following the threads of my memory connected with specific place.

I then combined the two maps, as I was interested to see the overlay of both our lived locations, within the Parish of Newbattle, born nearly a hundred years apart.

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