Descendants is the title of my ongoing series of artworks about Mayfield, Dalkeith, in Midlothian. This is where I grew up; it's ma bit.

I am mapping my own history within the Parish, and all the places and people who are important to me.

I am tracing my family's genealogical records, and reading the Statistical Accounts for Newbattle Parish, finding out information about their occupations, where they lived, and what their homes and living conditions were like.

I am researching maps, old county maps of Edinburghshire and Lothian coalfield mapping of the twentieth century and earlier, and I utilise this language of map making within my installation, sculpture and painting.

I am mapping the scheduled monuments in Mayfield and its immediate surroundings, describing a vast occupation in the same place, from the mesolithic, neolithic through antiquity and the middle ages to the modern period.

The geology of the county and the formation of the land, particularly the carboniferous period, forms part of my ongoing research, as these are the plants which eventually became the coal my family mined for generations.

My installations below, map the locations within Midlothian where my Great Grandfather lived and worked, alongside a memory map of where I have lived and the special places in my memory in Midlothian.

I plot a chronological timeline through his life and mine, from past to most recent, mapping the places we had lived and connect these geographically in order, following the threads of memory and location as concerned with specific place.

I am interested in the overlay of both our lived locations, within the Parish of Newbattle, born nearly a hundred years apart.

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